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Breaking News! US Intelligence and the Press

The Hill Has Eyes: Congressional Oversight of Intelligence

Book Talk with David Priess & Susan Glasser “How to Get Rid of a President”

Spywatchers: Governing Intelligence in an Imperfect World

General Hayden & Greg Miller: An Election Eve Discussion of “The Apprentice”

Secrets, Presidents & Dissent

Homeland at Hayden Center: Espionage in Popular Culture


General Michael Hayden Discusses ‘Russia: Cold War 2.0?’ with Former NATO SACEUR General Wesley Clark at Hayden Center Event, 5 Mar 2018

Hayden Center Presents War & Democracy: A Conversation with Professor A.C. Grayling

Policy Corner with Gen Michael Hayden: A Conversation with Norman Roule, Former National Intelligence Manager-Iran, Jan 29, 2018

Michael V. Hayden Center: Inaugural Event