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This list offers suggested readings and resources on intelligence, policy, and international security. This compilation of intelligence resources is not meant to be a complete list and will be updated periodically. Suggestions, questions, or comments are appreciated and should be sent to

Last Updated: 28 May 2019

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External Resources

U.S. Intelligence Community: Individual Agency Websites, Programs and Resources:

Security-Related Congressional Committees:

Executive Branch IC Oversight Bodies:

Intelligence-Related Research Programs and News Resources:

National Security Institute (NSI) at George Mason University: NSI is dedicated to finding real-world answers to national security law and policy questions. NSI is a platform for research, teaching, scholarship, and policy development that incorporates a realistic assessment of the threats facing the United States and its allies as well as an appreciation of the legal and practical challenges facing U.S. intelligence, defense, law enforcement, homeland security, and cybersecurity communities.

Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC) at George Mason University: TraCCC is the first center in the United States devoted to understanding the links among terrorism, transnational crime and corruption, and to teach, research, train and help formulate policy on these critical issues.

Center for Security Policy Studies at George Mason University (CSPS): CSPS provides a vibrant intellectual space for Mason students and faculty to work alongside government, military, think tank and private sector experts to address today’s pressing security issues.

The Cipher Brief: The Cipher Brief is a digital, security-based conversation platform that connects the private sector with the world`s leading security experts. It delivers a relevant analysis of news and events that helps readers accurately anticipate and safely navigate the complex, unstable, global security environment.

The International Spy Museum: The mission of the Spy Museum is to educate the public about espionage and intelligence in an engaging way and to provide a context that fosters understanding of their important role in and impact on current and historic events. The Museum is committed to the apolitical presentation of the history of espionage in order to provide visitors with impartial, accurate information. The Museum’s Resources Page contains a list of recommended reading and other helpful resources.

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) International Security Program: The CSIS International Security Program (ISP) is a constant source of reliable analysis on the threats and opportunities shaping U.S. security interests at home and abroad. CSIS also publishes research focused on topics related to Intelligence, Surveillance, and Privacy.

RAND Corporation National Security Research Division:The RAND National Security Research Division (NSRD) conducts research and analysis for all national security sponsors other than the U.S. Air Force and the Army. NSRD also conducts research for the U.S. intelligence community and the ministries of defense of U.S. allies and partners. NSRD’s national security research is conducted within five centers, including the Cyber and Intelligence Policy Center and the International Security and Defense Policy Center.

The Brookings Institution: The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization with the mission to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing society at the local, national and global level. Brookings’ research agenda includes topics related to the intelligence community and national security.

Atlantic Council Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security: The Scowcroft Center works to develop sustainable, nonpartisan strategies to address the most important security challenges facing the United States and the world.

Key Intelligence Community Legislation:

For a full list of IC legislation, visit the ODNI’s IC Legal Reference Book