Reconciliation and Redemption in Vietnam Veterans and Families Discuss George Black’s New Book “The Long Reckoning”

U.S. Institute of Peace 2301 Constitution Ave, Washington, DC 20037

United States Institute of Peace | In-Person Description: On March 29, 1973, the last U.S. military unit left Vietnam, ending direct U.S. military involvement in the Vietnam War. Fifty years to the day, the release of George Black’s new book, “The Long Reckoning: A Story of War, Peace, and Redemption in Vietnam,” tells the inspirational […]

If We Don’t Sell: What Happens When States are Cut Off from US Arms


Stimson Center | Virtual  Description: "If we don’t sell them arms, someone else will,” has become a well-known refrain in the arms trade world, implying that partners cut off from U.S. defense exports will quickly source them from other suppliers. But there is reason to believe that there is far more complexity to the issue […]

Assessing “Shields Up”: Public-Private Cooperation on Domestic Cyber Defense

Senate Visitor's Center Room 203-02, First St NE, Washington, DC 20515

National Security Institute | In-Person Event Description: Please join NSI for a discussion on how "Shields Up" - CISA's cyber defense efforts - performed in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Experts will examine lessons learned from "Shields Up" and other USG initiatives in terms of readiness and operational effectiveness and how the […]



National Security Institute | Virtual Description: As part of NSI’s ongoing series, “A Spotlight on China’s Global Repression,” we are excited to host a discussion examining how China uses digital tools, such as social media platforms like WeChat and TikTok and its social credit system, to further the Chinese Communist Party’s repressive goals. Experts will […]

The Future of War

Center for the Study of America and the West

Foreign Policy Research Institute | In-Person  Description: FPRI Senior Fellow Jeremy Black joins FPRI in person to consider the state of conflict around the world, possible future conflict scenarios, the likely frequency of war, types of weaponry, and potential outcomes. The registration link can be found below.

The Many Faces of Autocratization: Diversity and Cooperation among Authoritarian Actors


German Marshall Fund | Virtual  Description: The political developments of the last decade put key components of liberal democracy—checks and balances, pluralism, and individual rights—in peril across the globe with autocratizers seeming to draw inspiration from the same playbook. Beyond challenging the foundations of democracy at home, they are increasingly striving for developing international alliances, […]