Live from the Freedom Online Coalition: How the FOC works for people around the world


Atlantic Council | Online Description: The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, in partnership with the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC)​ Chair the United States, is pleased to present an exciting event live from Washington D.C during the week of the Summit for Democracy. Featuring remarks from U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, tune in to hear about […]

The rise of the fact checking movement: How to make sure the truth is heard?


German Marshall Fund | In-Person & Virtual  Description: Disinformation erodes trust in institutions and in media and harms democracies by hampering the ability of citizens to take informed decisions. It impairs freedom of expression have a direct impact on society’s wellbeing. The work of fact-checkers and researchers contributes significantly in countering the spread of online […]

Sustaining Civic Activism in Shrinking Spaces


German Marshall Fund | Virtual  Description: A strong and vibrant civil society is an essential prerequisite for pluralist liberal democracy. Despite their central role in protecting, maintaining, and renewing democracy, civic activists face increasing legal, political, and economic burdens, globally and in Central Europe. Using anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism campaigns as a pretext, governments stigmatize […]

Sino-Russian Relations and the War in Ukraine: A New Phase of Chinese Policy?


German Marshall Fund | Virtual  Description: A year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Sino-Russian relations are at an important juncture. On Monday, March 20, 2023, Chinese President Xi Jinping landed in Moscow for a series of meetings with his Russian counterpart. This visit is part of a Chinese diplomatic flurry that includes a position […]

Justice, Accountability and Sustained Momentum for Democracy Shoring Up Democratic Norms in Countries Facing Conflict and Authoritarianism


United States Institute of Peace | Virtual  Description: Justice institutions — both formal and transitional — are critical for maintaining a state’s commitment to democratic principles when threatened by authoritarianism and conflict. These institutions provide spaces for the public, victims and survivors to have their grievances heard, and to seek remedies and hold perpetrators accountable […]

Will Africa Shape U.S.-China Strategic Competition?

Carnegie Endowment For International Peace

Carnegie Endowment For International Peace | In-Person Description: The African continent is increasingly the nexus of great power competition between the U.S. and China. While the U.S. provides the most official development assistance to Africa, China is the continent’s leading bilateral trade partner, with both nations competing for ever-deeper ties across the continent. As U.S.-China […]